Unique to each of us, the microbiome represents an ecosystem of living microorganisms, different microbiota with which we live together (intestinal microbiota, cutaneous, oral, vaginal…). Our cutaneous microbiota is fed from contact at birth with the vaginal flora of the mother.
Today, recognized as a key player in the proper functioning of the body, it is composed of billions of microorganisms, living in harmony inside and outside of the body that hosts them. Resilient by nature, this cutaneous microbiota constantly seeks its balance. It plays a major defensive role that protects its host by interacting with its immune system.


The skin and mouth are colonized by a particularly varied microbiome that includes both commensal bacteria associated with health and pathogenic bacteria associated with diseases. Today, the skin microbiota faces many challenges. Our obsession with cleanliness and sterility has created a difficult environment for the survival of microorganisms (including good and bad bacteria) that are eliminated indiscriminately. Our modern lifestyle with the profusion of cosmetics formulated with synthetic ingredients (preservatives, irritating washing agents, sulphates, silicone…) disrupts the pH of our skin and weakens our precious ecosystem, making it more vulnerable to external aggression.


Too often these bacteria are damaged by our modern lifestyle, pollution and over-use of antibacterial and detergent products. The result is skin that is dry, irritated, stressed and aging ever faster. As you can see, the challenge is to maintain a healthy and balanced microbiome, where the commensal bacteria multiply and prevent the proliferation of the bacteria responsible for atopic skin problems (sensitivity, irritation, allergies…). Knowing that our microbiome is constantly evolving throughout our existence through interaction with our way of life and our environment (hygiene, diet, pollution, stress, fatigue, drug treatment…), it’s up to us to preserve the naturally fragile balance of our cutaneous and oral ecosystems.
Our secret? Probiotics and enzymes.


Our bodies are really amazing. They have the power to protect themselves.


The ProbioCosmetic promise: a “flora friendly” asset. 
Reprogram the life of your ecosystem and find your original microbiota. The ProbioCosmetic challenge is to offer an alternative to diluted cosmetics with a new formulation of “bio-mimetic” hygiene and personal care products in powder form.

How?   Uption ProbioCosmetic selects ferment probiotics from living microorganisms that produce a beneficial biofilm on the surface of our skin or mucous membranes.

What benefits?A formula full of life that vitalises the good bacteria of the cutaneous microbiota as a protective shield, to better protect the skin from the bad bacteria causing skin problems.

Healthy formulas. The proof :

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Taking care of your body day after day with a healthier lifestyle is the promise ProbioCosmetic !


ProbioCosmetic is born from an ethical approach truly inscribed in the philosophy of sustainable beauty with environmentally friendly formulas:

Adopt a green attitude!
A gesture of love for your body and our planet.


Our skin is colonized by 100,000 billion microorganisms, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, etc. They live in harmony inside and outside of our body and constitute our bacterial flora also called microbiota. Rest assured, even though some bacteria are harmful, most are beneficial to us! The good news is that we can positively influence the quality of our microbiota. As a true ally, it is the guarantor of our health and the beauty of our skin.

Rule 1: Select cosmetics close to the naturally acidic pH of skin and scalp, on average 5.5 for an adult, but physiological pH for a baby (pH 7).
Rule 2: Exclude all hygiene and personal care products, and antibacterial gel formulated with aggressive preservatives and cleansing agents.
Rule 3: Emphasize probiotic hygiene to form and maintain a healthy microflora.
Rule 4: Ban very hot water, which disturbs the cutaneous flora. Opt instead for lukewarm water, between 32 and 34 degrees.
Rule 5: Protect yourself from external aggressions such as pollution, UV rays, stress, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. These good resolutions are essential to maintaining the balance of the cutaneous barrier to protect the skin from bad bacteria and promote the multiplication of good probiotic bacteria.

Our mother. It’s during the passage from the uterine life towards the outside life that the mother distributes microorganisms over the entire skin of the child. This inheritance contributes to the development of the metabolism and especially to the strengthening of the immune system. In case of cesarean section, the mother-baby transmission is different, so it’s very important that the mother pamper the child as soon as possible by covering him with love and beneficent microorganisms.

With a physiological pH, 100% natural ingredients, probiotic hygiene and cosmetic powder is a treasure trove of benefits for the skin of the newborn (baby born by cesarean or vaginally), vulnerable in the absence of cutaneous flora. It is in the best interest of the mother and her baby to have body hygiene in symbiosis to transmit to her baby the good bacteria essential for the construction of the healthy microbiota on his skin.

All our products have a pH between 4.5 and 5.5 which corresponds to the naturally acidic pH of the skin and the scalp, on average 5.5. It is essential to use cosmetics with 5.5 maximum pH for the skin of adults and 7 for babies’ skin. It is essential to use cosmetics with a pH adapted to the skin of the adult or the baby, or otherwise risk altering the natural balance of the skin and altering its protective barrier.

Hygiene and personal care products have a real influence, good or bad, on the pH of the skin. This is why it is strongly recommended to use cosmetics with a pH between 4.5 and 5.5. Dry skin has an acidic pH around 4.5 while oily skin is more alkaline with a pH around 6. It has been found that the pH of “problem skin” is usually a pH greater than 6. The closer the pH of the skin is to 7 (so-called neutral pH), the less the skin is able to neutralize the bad bacteria. However, a skin pH of 5.5 or lower is one where the growth of good bacteria can occur at the expense of bad bacteria

For thousands of years, clay has been known for its purifying and regenerating properties. Its astonishing properties are potentiated by its phyllosilicate sheet structure. This type of clay has the ability to deploy a large number of sheets, which increase the contact surface area, and allow an exchange of valuable minerals. Clays are bioactive minerals on the surface of our skin.

Probiotics associated with enzymes have the power to naturally protect our mouths against bacteria and the formation of dental plaque.

They are natural proteins that come to life in water; in the absence of water they become inactive. These biotechnological marvels make it possible to perform the most complex chemical reactions in a biological way. For example, they are very useful for transforming and recycling organic matter to give them a second life. So small and minute, nothing escapes them! Thus, if our dental waste manages to escape the toothbrush, it can’t escape the enzymes that will complete the cleaning by recycling our dental waste and especially avoid their micro-accumulation.

It has been proven that the effects of probiotics on digestive health and on the beauty of the skin are ultra-beneficial. The microbiota are good for us if they are in full energy! Let’s start by understanding the important difference between cleansing and disinfecting the skin. Until now, our obsession with cleanliness has encouraged us to use overly aggressive hygiene products that eliminate both good and bad bacteria. In reality, probiotics effectively remove dirt.

The cutaneous microbiota is a living whole, which evolves permanently according to the ambient conditions: humidity, nutrients, temperature, etc. Too often, our good bacteria are damaged by our modern lifestyle, the pollution, the overuse of antibacterial products, detergents, etc. That’s why the supply of probiotics in cosmetic and hygiene products is THE SOLUTION. Yes, our skin is really great! The action of feeding the skin probiotics allows the increase of good bacteria at the expense of harmful microorganisms.

Washing with powdered personal care products is a real alternative to conventional hygiene. Not only is it an ecological approach but it is also a natural, healthy and reasonable way of consuming cosmetics: an alternative to preservatives.

0% additives. Nothing synthetic. No added preservatives. Zero, nada, Niet! Because the natural bacteriological balance of our skin is fragile, our products are 100% natural, composed of clay, active plant ingredients and enriched with living microorganisms. Our “green chemistry” naturally excludes all synthetic products such as preservatives, silicone, paraben, etc. And for the UPTION product range, we guarantee our products have no estrogenic endocrine disruptors.

It is now known that the life span of probiotics is so short in a humid environment (a few days on average), they must be incorporated into dry cosmetic and hygiene formulations, without water and without preservatives, to ensure their survival. Then, it is with water contact that they come back to life. Without life, these microorganisms are not effective!

Sprinkle the powder in the palm of a wet hand, emulsify slightly by rubbing hands and apply on the body or wet hair. The amount to use is as intuitive as a classic shampoo or shower gel! Professional secret for an effective shampoo: during the first shampoo, knead the scalp starting at the roots to remove grease and dirt. Don’t hesitate to add a little water. It is normal that the foam is scarce. Then shampoo a second time to develop abundant foam.
Results: Your scalp is oxygenated and your hair breathes health: it is bright, flexible, soft and voluminous.
The +: Facilitates detangling and increases time between shampooing.

The vegan label indicates an animal-friendly lifestyle and certifies that all ingredients, as well as the finished product, have not been tested on animals. All our formulas are guaranteed without animal-derived ingredients.

It’s a new way to consume that is beneficial for both your body and the environment. We can say that our formulas are ecological, as proof:
– formulas are made cold and consume 100 times less energy than a hot formula.
– 100% recyclable formulas, knowing that probiotics therefore actively contribute to the purification of wastewater.
– manufactured in France
– reduced carbon footprint – 50g of powder without added water = 350g of diluted product – 1 truck of hygiene powder = 7 trucks of diluted product.