Associated with a French R&D laboratory dedicated to the development of assets based on Green Chemistry, the company offers integrated solutions, extraction processes and innovative manufacturing. The alliance between biotechnology and nature is the foundation of our innovations. The company is inspired by bio-mimicry of life to offer tailor-made natural solutions to partner companies with their own branding

By RE-IMAGINING “SUSTAINABLE BEAUTY”, we give everyone the choice to TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. By DREAMING UP A NEW “SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE”, we give everyone the choice to RESPECT OUR PLANET and to pass it on to future generations.

Co-founder Uption Sarl(Luxembourg)
CEO founder Ephyla Sas(France)
Researcher, Biologist, Ethnobotanist, Cosmetologist

Dominique DELARCHE
Co-founder Uption Sarl(Luxembourg)
Bearer of innovative projects “Biotechnology”


Our commitment to Uption quickly became self-evident.
Committed to the respect of life in general, whether for the respect of good health, the respect of the dignity of animal life, or the respect of our environment, we fight for a better world. Together, everything is possible! It merely takes a collective awareness to bring about a new way of thinking, a new hygiene for living, for bathing, for eating, for coexisting in oneness with nature. Our convictions have naturally guided our choices on the essential ingredients without unnecessary extras, formulated in our ProbioCosmetic hygiene products. This truly revolutionary skincare hygiene heralds the era of a new generation of products registered in an ecological approach to consume healthier, more reasonably, more ecologically. And as one good thing never comes alone, we wanted to close the loop with tests that guarantee to the consumer the absence of endocrine disruptors, not only for personal care products, but for all everyday consumer products. And all this with the recycling of wastewater, completely naturally!